Slipway ready for sailing season

INSTALLED: City council contractors working to install the new slipway on Tuesday.

Installation of The replacement Moncks Bay slipway was under way yesterday after being delayed by longer than expected concrete curing times.

City council contractors were on site on Monday and yesterday to prepare the area and install the new concrete slipway.

The slipway is a replacement for a failed $16,000 experimental fibreglass design installed by the city council last year to save money.

That turned out to be too short, creating a lip where the panels connected to the concrete. While it failed, the fibreglass design would have been cheaper to renew.

At 8m wide and 4.7m long, there will be no sudden, steep drop off on the new slipway.

The bottom has a bull nose feature which will elevate it about 50cm above the sea floor.

Long curing times needed to ensure the concrete was ready to be installed delayed its fitting from the expected June date.

Located beside the Christchurch Yacht Club, the new slipway would be ready for the beginning of sailing season and club open day later this month.

DELIGHTED: Darrell Latham says the response from the city council to issues with the first slipway was a “big tick” for project manager Steven Gray.