Residents to deliver petition next week

NO QUARRY: Templeton Residents Association chairman Garry Kilday holds the petition. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER

Templeton residents will next week submit a petition demanding to stop a proposed Fulton Hogan quarry.

The petition has 4050 signatures and was launched online by the Templeton Residents Association six months ago.

The proposed quarry is at a 170ha site on Curraghs, Dawsons, Jones and Maddisons Rds.

Chairman Garry Kilday said the petition will be presented to Environment Canterbury, Ministry for the Environment and Selwyn District Council.

He could not confirm which date next week the petition will be presented.

Mr Kilday said the support from the community has been “massive”.

“It’s been good for public unity because people have stood up in a solid form.”

The petition had signatures from Australia and the United States.

“It’s amazing actually, the amount of people who have signed this petition, quite incredible when you read it,” Mr Kilday said.

Meanwhile, the campaign had secured $25,000 in donations in anticipation for the fight against the proposed site.

Mr Kilday said he is grateful for the donations, but believed the residents will never have enough money to match Fulton Hogan’s “deep pockets”.

“At the end of the day, the money that we’ve got isn’t going to be enough to cover our expenses but we will have to make do.”

He believed the residents will need at least $500,000 should the residents have to go to the Environment Court.

“Like everything else in the country, it’s all about [who has the most] money, not the fairness, it’s about the money,” Mr Kilday said.