Red light camera still not working

CROSSING: The red light camera at the Bealey Ave and Madras St intersection still remains unoperational.

The city’s new red light camera remains non-operational almost four months after it was installed.

And there’s no timeline for when it will start catching red light-runners at the Bealey Ave and Madras St intersection.

City council manager operations transport Steffan Thomas said it is currently working with the camera supplier and police on a system for processing infringements.

The camera, the first of its kind in the city since the 1990s, will move around “high risk” intersections, video recording vehicles. The footage is then put through software which detects red light-running incidents.

But work is taking longer than anticipated as a new national system is being developed.

“Rather than focusing on a single camera in Christchurch, this methodology is being developed in a way that will promote a single, national system,” he said.

Once complete, and prior to being used for enforcement, the methodology proposal will need to be passed to the Minister of Police Stuart Nash for authorisation, Mr Thomas said.

“Due to the nature of this process, it is difficult to gauge the time scales involved.”

However, Mr Thomas said a timeline “will become clearer” as development work continues.

It is part of a larger city council campaign to reduce the “significant” number of crashes at signalised intersections.

They account for close to a quarter of all crashes around the city and have a social cost of about $27 million a year.