Opinion: Stadium name – boring

FULL HOUSE: Lancaster Park in 1971 when the Lions played Canterbury during the tour.

OPINION: We’re now almost a month deep into now referring to the former AMI Stadium as Christchurch Stadium, but with no naming rights in play now surely we can come up with something more fitting to describe our outdated temporary stadium.

Yes, we’ve now entered that silly season where we have to adjust to a new name, much like when we went from Lancaster Park to Jade Stadium, and then to AMI Stadium.

Lancaster Park had a history associated with its name and then the money came along.

However, what history is associated with the name Christchurch Stadium?

Considering this is supposed to be a temporary thing and a central city stadium of the future is on the cards can we not have a bit of fun while we put up with the cold den we’ve looked forward to watching great rugby at over the past seven years?

Like we did with the future of the city following the earthquakes can we not put the name of our outdated temporary stadium to the people . . . The Marquee, The Pop Up, Goodwill and Blu Tack, Give Us a New One Stadium or even Rugby League Park – it was the original name and at least has a history. Food for thought.