Kyle Park neglect angers BMX club

NEGLECTED: Hornby resident & Christchurch City BMX club track manager Michael Stronach is upset because of over grown weeds and asbestos at Kyle Park.

A BMX club says overgrown weed at Hornby’s Kyle Park is bringing down the area.

The city council put up fencing around various parts of the park that tested positive for asbestos in 2015.

But there are no plans to remove the asbestos at the former landfill site.

Christchurch City BMX Club track manager Michael Stronach says Kyle Park has been forgotten about since fencing was put up.

“It’s disgraceful, [the weed] is as high as the fence in some parts. It brings down the whole park and looks horrible,” Mr Stronach said.

He said city council staff only removed the weed once, in January.

“We hosted the South Island BMX championship and a member of our committee chased up council to do it.”

Since then the site has been left alone.

The BMX club had to remove the weed themselves to improve the appearance of the park.

“We spray weed-killer as much as we can through the fence and I’ve seen people pull weeds through the fence,” Mr Stronach said.

He said visitors to the club often asked about the state of the weed.

“Before the fencing was put up [in 2015], you used to be able to use a fenced off area as a viewing platform, and people often ask why you can’t anymore,” Mr Stronach said.

City council community parks manager Al Hardy said weeds are controlled on a required basis.

As for the asbestos, Mr Hardy said the fencing is permanent and is an appropriate measure to assure public safety.

“The garden areas have been mulched to ensure the amenity of the park is retained whilst containing the risk,” Mr Hardy said.

Greater Hornby Residents Association chairman Marc Duff said it was disappointing the city council had no plans to remove the asbestos.

“It looks like they have just built the fence and walked away.

“They need to come up with a programme where it is presentable for the residents and keep it in a tidy manner,” Mr Duff said.

Meanwhile, Kyle Park will be investigated by the city council as a potential site for a south west leisure centre. The investigations will begin this week and is expected to be finished by Labour Weekend.

The city council will identify a new preferred location for the leisure centre in early 2019.