Funeral home back down

A funeral home owner has backed down over plans to hold small-scale funerals out of his Fendalton home.

Andrew Bell has instead applied for a resource consent to operate a home office from his property on Rochdale St, Stuff reported yesterday.

The Bell, Lamb and Trotter managing director intends to carry out administrative activities including invoicing, payments, web design and service sheet design from the house, a resource consent application shows.

Mr Bell had originally planned to operate a small-scale funeral home from the property, but a resource consent allowing the move, which was issued by commissioner Philip Milne, was quashed by the High Court in March after the Rochdale Precinct Society pursued a judicial review of the decision.

In her ruling, Justice Susan Thomas said while she agreed the original application met the “home occupation” rules, the commissioner had erred in his consideration of traffic issues.

Mr Bell had planned to hold up to 26 services a year in the house limited to 10 people, including staff. Nearby residents were incensed at the decision allowing the company to hold funerals at the home and formed the society to seek the review.