Fine arts student turned carpentry apprenticeship award winner

TOP CHIPPIE: After Peter Ravn finished high school, he studied fine arts and trained as a carpenter - now, his hard work has paid off as he has won a carpentry apprentice award.

After studying fine arts at Canterbury University, Peter Ravn decided he wanted to work with his hands.

His dream is to build sets for theatre productions – and what better way to gain the necessary skills than with a carpentry apprenticeship?

Now the 26-year-old has been named the Central South Island Registered Master Builders Carters apprentice of the

Mr Ravn trained under the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation and is employed by Armitage Williams Construction Ltd.

He said winning the award was “pretty overwhelming”.

“It’s a pretty big honour for me and the company I work for.”

“I gave it a go last year and wasn’t successful, so I tried again this year. It was a motivation to see how you faced off against your contemporaries,” Mr Ravn said. The regional competition involved building something from scratch in just two hours. Mr Ravn built a tool box.

“Having to deal with your nerves and having to deal with industry leaders, I definitely think it was a massive thing you need to overcome. So different to when you are working on site.”

After finishing high school, Mr Ravn started a fine arts degree at Canterbury University before training as a carpenter.

“I like making things, so I thought I would give it a go and I really enjoyed it and here I am now. In Christchurch, there was a lot of demand.”

“The building industry is amazing. And we do things that other people can’t do, we create, and you get paid to learn. Definitely give it a go and see where you stand.”

Mr Ravn will take part in the national competition in Auckland on November 9.