Donation box stolen from souvlaki shop

RED-HANDED: A man was spotted taking a donation box from Redwood Souvlaki last week.

A thief was chased by staff at a souvlaki shop and ended up jumping a fence after he stole a donation box.

The suspect left Redwood Souvlaki with the box, which held about $100 in donations for Cholmondeley Children’s Centre.

Shop manager Arshdeep Dhillon said he and his staff were at the back of the store when the man pulled the box from the front counter.

“He just quietly came in and grabbed it and ran off,” he said.

“When he ran we tried to catch him, but he ran so fast and jumped over a fence.”

He said although there wasn’t a lot of money in the donation box, he was upset someone had taken it. “It’s awful, the money is supposed to be for those kids.”

The man was wearing a blue and white hooded sweatshirt, tan shorts and a black cap.

A police spokesperson said CCTV footage from the shop was being reviewed, and police asked for any information about the incident.

If you can identify the suspect, phone police on 363 7400.