Councillor and Crusaders coach ‘chipping away’ at each other

FRIENDLY FIGHTERS: Crusaders assistant coach Brad Mooar, left, and opponent city councillor Mike Davidson are all smiles as they square up for a photo at Mooar's fundraising event.

Trainee boxers Mike Davidson and Brad Mooar are both feeling pretty confident as their big fight draws closer.

The Papanui Ward city councillor and Crusaders assistant coach are set to battle it out in the ring at this year’s Fight for Christchurch on November 3.

Mooar’s campaign manager Ben Harris organised an event held on Thursday night to raise extra funds for Mooar’s chosen charity, Conductive Education Canterbury.

The event, which was attended by about 45 people, saw $9100 raised.

“We had some fantastic auction items, and we sold some sponsorship on the singlet I’ll be wearing for the fight,” he said.

“I’ve been blown away by the support so far. There have been some really generous donations and people keen to support us. It just shows what people are wiling to do when the cause is a good one.”

He said he was having fun learning the mechanics of boxing in the lead up to the fight.

“I’m just chipping away really, it’s going as well as it can,” Mooar said.

“I’m just working hard on fitness and the real fundamentals of protecting myself and the footwork. It’s been awesome, and I’m in great hands with my trainer . . . It’s definitely going to be one hell of a challenge, no doubt Mike has been training hard as well.”

Davidson has experience with endurance sports and did the Coast to Coast earlier this year, but had never tried boxing.

“It’s been great so far, I’m having fun . . . I’m definitely using a lot of different muscles that I don’t normally use, I’m feeling it in my upper-body,” he said.

“I guess it’s just a matter of getting in the ring and sparring, and getting to know what it feels like to be punched.”

Davidson is raising money for Cure Kids, and has so far raised more than $1200 on his Givealittle page.

“It’s not about the fight, it’s not about hurting each other, it’s about raising money for some really worthy charities,” he said.

“I’m just trying to encourage as many people as possible to donate, because it’s such a good cause, Cure Kids. Even small amounts, it all adds up, the more the merrier.”

He said he hoped to host a raffle closer to the fight to assist in his fundraising efforts.

•Visit and search for Brad Mooar or Mike Davidson to make a donation.

•Fight For Christchurch kicks off on November 3 at Horncastle Arena.