Council uses drone tech

INSPECT: The city council is using drones, including this $50,000 model, to inspect the city's infrastructure.

Drones, are the latest tool being remotely piloted by staff around the city to inspect, survey, map and analyse infrastructure and the environment.

A city council spokesman said it has five drones in its fleet, including one which cost $50,000.

“The council has spent $56,699 across the five drones. One of which cost $50,000 due to its size,” the spokesman said.

“This was required to enable LiDAR (3D laser mapping) for survey work.”

Other work includes doing topographical surveys to create a 3d ground surface. “This helps with the design for many things including roads, building platforms, stormwater basins and structural work. It also allows us to access sites (visually) where the slope is too steep for traditional survey work.”

They are also used to inspect buildings which may collapse or are contaminated or fire damaged.

“It is anticipated that drones will also be used for the purpose of gathering content for our online channels,” he said.

During a large survey job the cost savings are up around 60 to 70 per cent and for smaller survey jobs it is around 20 to 30 per cent.

“They also enable us to access high-risk areas, and can provide a better surface that more accurately represents what is on the ground,” he said.