Collett’s Corner to become The Hive

CREATIVE CHAOS: Blending with Lyttelton's creative vibe won the day for in:flux's design The Hive.

A link to Lyttelton’s creative chaos put design group in:flux’s design The Hive on top in the Collett’s Corner design competition.

The winners were announced on Friday morning after the jury of Deputy Mayor Andrew Turner, Tony van Raat and Ohu founder Camia Young came to a decision.

“I would say it was extremely difficult. It was not an easy decision,” Ms Young said.

“All three were remarkable, and I would have been happy with each and all of them.”

The 1144 online votes also impacted the decision, Ms Young said.

When finished, Collett’s Corner would be a 2300m2 mixed-use building including accommodation, workspaces, cinemas, a bar, restaurant and hot baths.

Winning design group in:flux was selected thanks to its recognition of the area’s context, carefully curated arrangement and use of scale.

Combining grand size and human scale were very difficult to do in architectural design, Ms Young said, and designs normally only achieved one or the other.

She said in:flux had also incorporated many suggestions put forward by the community earlier in the competition.

The in:flux team said they were excited to help realise Ohu’s plan after winning the competition.

Member Paul Anselmi said to would be exciting to see how the community would use their design.

“On the other hand I think the proposed prefabrication and timber construction would be exciting to see grow and add to Lyttleton’s unique streetscape and scale,” he said.

As well as their design being used for the build, in:flux took home $10,000.

The other designers, Oto Group and AHHA were also recognised for aspects of their designs and each received $5000.

All three finalists had been selected from a group of 31 initial entries and had presented their designs at a September 6 event.

Ohu was now looking for business owners for the site and would hold a second public gathering on October 17 to share the outline of the investment proposal.