Bid to extend alcohol ban failed

NO BAN: A bid to extend an alcohol ban to areas including Lake Roto Kohatu has failed.

A bid to impose alcohol restrictions in Elmwood Park, Harewood’s Roto Kohatu Reserve and McLeans Island has failed.

Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board deputy chairman Aaron Campbell wanted a ban after spending time with Crime Watch Papanui. He found signs that people had been drinking and littering in Elmwood Park in Merivale.

He wanted the park, along with Roto Kohatu Reserve and McLeans Island, to be included in the community board’s alcohol ban bylaw submission to the council.

But the community board decided not to pursue the

Board chairman Sam MacDonald said there was no official vote on the issue, but the “general consensus” of the room was clear.

“We all shared our views
and it was implied that the majority were not in support of the ban.”

He said if any issues from those areas were brought up, he would consider bringing the issue back to the table.

“If they came to us and said ‘it’s not working, the parks have been bad’ then obviously we’d have a look at it. But no one has really sparked up those sites as an issue. It would have to be brought up by police or concerned locals that something needs to be done. But at the moment, it’s not there”

In spite of Mr Campbell wanting the matter to be pushed forward, he said he was “satisfied” with the outcome.

“I did push the boat out a little bit on this one, and raised the issue of public safety, but I am realistic,” he said.

“Each recommendation goes through a process, and I’m happy with the result.”

He said the board had agreed there was some anti-social behaviour in those areas, but they were in the minority.

“The board agreed that
there are idiots out there, but they’re in the 10th of the one
per cent.” But he said it was good that the issue had been so “hotly debated.”

“It’s been one of the most involved and discussed items recently. A lot of things just sail through, but people have paid a lot of money for things like this to be debated. It’s our responsibility.”