Bid for second dog park in Rolleston

CHANGES: A petition has been started for a second, larger dog park in Rolleston following a fence being installed in the Foster Park Dog Exercise Area last week.

More than 370 people have signed a petition for the district council to create a second, larger dog park in Rolleston.

This follows a fence being built in the Rolleston dog park last week so part of it can be closed off to the public while the Selwyn Dog Training Club is taking sessions.

Concerns have been raised over the district council’s new structure at the Foster Park dog exercise area on the corner of Springston, Rolleston and Goulds Rds on the Rolleston Community Page on Facebook.

“Where was the consultation from the council?” one person commented.

“Looks like they have made a total mess of the park. What an eyesore now,” another person said.

“Actually looks like a pretty good rural fence to me,” a person wrote.

District council major projects property manager John Reid said it does not have a view on the petition and there are no plans for another dog park in Rolleston.

“Any future developments will need to go through Annual or Long Term Plan processes,” he said.

Mr Reid said the fence is a result of complaints from people about training sessions being difficult to conduct when other dogs are running through the area.

“Public dog owners are also finding it hard to supervise their dogs without interrupting dog training,” he said.

The Selwyn Dog Training Club uses the park on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 6.30-9pm, on Sundays from 10am-noon and on the occasional weekend for competitions.

There is no final cost for the fence yet as it has just been completed. However, in July Mr Reid told Selwyn Times it was expected to cost about $5000-$7000.

The fence is a permanent structure. However, it is being described as “temporary” because it will have a number of large gates that will be left open, except when the club is running a training session.

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