Trucks banned from driving on some Papanui streets

A heavy vehicle ban has been imposed along parts of Grassmere, Proctor and Mary Streets. PHOTO: ANDREW KING

Heavy vehicles have been banned from driving through some streets in Papanui.

On Friday, the Papanui-Innes Community Board approved a bid to prevent heavy vehicles from driving along parts of Mary St, Proctor St and Grassmere St.

Trucks and other heavy vehicles will be prohibited from driving along the streets unless they have planned deliveries or collections.

Board chairwoman Ali Jones said a part of the Land Transport Act which permitted temporary heavy vehicle restrictions on these streets ended on Saturday.

“[The current laws] ceased to apply after August 11 and the streets would have to be assessed again – obviously costing significant time and money – only for the same laws to be implemented by the city council.”

She said as part of last year’s review of the Traffic and Parking Bylaw, the city council added a clause, Control of Vehicles on Roads, as an alternative to the Land Transport Act and permitted it to retain existing heavy vehicle restrictions and create new ones.