Township’s battle to get on the map

UNHAPPY: Whitecliffs residents have been told they live in Glentunnel.

Fire officers in Wellington have upset residents living in Whitecliffs by telling them they live in Glentunnel.

Concern has been raised Whitecliffs is losing its identity and people could get confused over the township’s official address.

The issue was brought to the Whitecliffs Township Committee by resident Mike Ransome.02

Mr Ransome told Selwyn Times he has been pushing for the issue to be resolved for the past eight months and hasn’t got anywhere.

“It irks me because I feel Whitecliffs is losing its identity. It would be like people living in West Melton being told they suddenly live in Christchurch,” he said.

A Fire and Emergency New Zealand spokesman said it has received a request from the district council to add Whitecliffs to the New Zealand Localities Dataset.

It is currently considering this request.

The spokesman confirmed properties in Whitecliffs are presently classified as Glentunnel.

The data set is maintained by FENZ to reduce the risk of confusion and, any consequent delays in dispatching crews to fires and other emergencies.

A New Zealand Post spokeswoman said a creation of a new locality of Whitecliffs is being considered.

She said NZ Post was unable to make any decisions for this change without agreement from a consortium made up of FENZ, territorial authorities and Land and Information New Zealand.

Mr Ransome said he cannot understand what the fire service has to do with determining the official addresses in the first place.

“I object to some pen pusher up there (Wellington) telling me where I live,” he said.

Whitecliffs is currently serviced by a rural driver in Coalgate, and is included in the locality of Glentunnel meaning their address is street number and name followed by RD1 Coalgate.

But Coalgate chief fire officer Phillip Shaw said when the firecrew is dispatched to the township, properties are classified as Whitecliffs.

“We are not being confused. We don’t have any issues with it,” he said.

On Google Maps, the townships’ main road – Hartleys Rd leading up to the Whitecliffs Domain, falls under Glentunnel.

Across the Selwyn River / Waikirikiri, Riversleigh Rd, Whitecliffs Rd and Flagpole Rd is named Malvern Hills.

Township committee chairwoman Jodie Thompson said while she didn’t see the township losing its identity, it would be easier if the mail address was Whitecliffs.

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