The potholed car park problem that has taken years to resolve

PROBLEM: Large potholes have been an ongoing problem at the New Brighton Hawke St car park.

Part of the potholed car park in New Brighton’s Hawke St may finally be sealed.

A temporary fix was made this month when the owner of the old Funky Pumpkin building arranged for the potholes on a section of the car park to be filled with gravel, says New Brighton Business and landowners Association manager Paul Lonsdale.

Some of the property owners have also now got quotes on the cost of repairing the potholes, he said. The estimated cost is $50,000 for the whole car park to be fixed.

The plan is to undertake the work when the weather improves, he said. The rest of the car park remains potholed as a result of having multiple private owners and the cost of repairs.

He said some of the properties do not have tenants, meaning there is no financial benefit for the owners to fix the potholes.

Concerns have been raised about the state of the car park on the Peoples Independent Republic of New Brighton Facebook page.

One commenter said she had driven into a large pothole which “destroyed” her tyre and damaged paint under the bumper.

Paper Plus New Brighton owner Blair Hughes said he would like Development Christchurch Ltd to help pay for pothole repairs. A DCL spokeswoman said it has no authority to take action or force landowners to address the issues.

“There is also a question over whether public money should be used to upgrade private property,” she said.