Stop calling us Hoon Hay

Cracroft House Servants' Quarters, also known as the Old Stone House.

Cracroft residents have won their battle not to be referred to as Hoon Hay on their rates bills.

From this week, the bills will have Cracroft in the address section.

In May, the Spreydon-Cashmere community board heard concerns from the Cracroft Residents’ Association as their rates and valuations bills listed them as being a part of Hoon Hay, or Hoon Hay Valley.

City councillor for the Spreydon Ward Phil Clearwater said Cracroft was a registered suburb and should be referred to as such.

“It’s on the map as a suburb, so I think it’s fair to say the mail addressed to them should be addressed correctly . . . they were upset.”

He said he had previously dealt with a similar situation in Somerfield.

“It’s a bit tricky because there was this whole thing about where does Beckenham end and Somerfield begin, and then Spreydon? We had to be careful about how we dealt with it.”

He said the city council actually had a policy to define suburbs so that residents’ associations would not clash.

“The advantage of that was it meant that one residents’ group area was quite clear about which residents they should work with,” he said.

“At times, of course, there was a bit of intruding on other associations’ patches, and that
was why the policy was drawn up.”

City council transactions manager Paul Curgenven said the confusion around Cracroft were due to unclear borders.

“While Cracroft is the only suburb in Christchurch that has been geographically defined by the NZ Geographic Board, there was not an exact boundary for the suburb.”

He said a correction of the rates and valuation bills would be implemented this week.

The Cracroft Residents’ Association did not return calls to the Southern View.