Service trip gives students insight into traditional Samoan culture

EXPERIENCE: Christ's College students playing with children from Satitora Village pre-school, where they helped during a service trip.

A group of Christ’s College students experienced traditional Samoan culture and family life during a working trip which they funded themselves.

Twelve year 13 students worked during the school holidays to raise $1200 to travel to Satitoa village, located on the eastern end of the main island of Upolu.

Assistant principal Neil Porter said parents were not allowed to pay for the eight-day trip which saw the students volunteering at a pre-school.

“We also undertake fundraising to cover our internal costs and the costs of paint and materials as well as equipment for the pre-school,” he said.

The biennial trip has been running for three years, beginning in Apia and then the region of Lalomanu for the past two years.

They were required to paint the pre-school’s interior, as well as ​​sand back and paint the playground equipment​.

“A new part of the trip this time around was that the boys went and stayed with families from the pre-school community for a night. This gave the boys a great opportunity to be part of Samoan family life and traditional culture. It proved to be a real highlight of the trip,” said Mr Porter.

The group received good hospitality from the Lalomanu community and experienced a traditional farewell ceremony.

“The little kids came to play on their newly-painted equipment on our last day there, and our boys had great fun interacting with them and their parents,” said Mr Porter.

MAKING FRIENDS: Christ’s College student George Lacey-Metcalfe plays with a child from Satitoa Village pre-school in Samoa, where he and his class mates worked during a service trip.