Rabbit poison deployed at A & P Showgrounds without warning

POISON: Rabbits die between four to 11 days after consuming Pindone.

The A&P Showgrounds will now display signs for rabbit poison, after it emerged that baits were deployed without warning.

Concerns were raised on social media by a dog walker who came across the rabbit poison baits nine days ago.

The post sparked a reaction from a number of social media users, some raising concern about the potential for their pets and children to be touching the poison bait.

A&P Showgrounds operations manager Dugald Thomas said poison baits were of no risk to anyone as they were placed under buildings and shipping containers.

The baits were placed on July 27. The type of poison that was deployed was called Pindone.

Dogs could only be poisoned if they ate between 300 and 400g of the bait, he said.

“They would have to eat loads to get poisoned.”

He believed it was unnecessary as dogs should be under the control of their owners.

​“Legally people are supposed to have dogs on a lead at all times in the park,” Mr Thomas said. “We will probably put signs up [next time], where it will be laid there will be signs.”

The Department of Conservation said that Pindone is a cereal based bait, dyed green. The toxin reduces blood clotting resulting in internal haemorrhage and death occurs in rabbits four to 11 days after consumption.

Landcare Research stated that there has been little research done on Pindone compared to other poison baits such as 1080.

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