Power poles on footpath only temporary

PLACING: The positioning of power poles along Lincoln Rolleston Rd have caused concern.

If you’re confused about these power poles being in the footpath, don’t worry, it’s not permanent.

Concerns have been raised over the positioning of the power poles on Lincoln Rolleston Rd on the Rolleston Community Page on Facebook.

“Sums up Rolleston’s layout designs in general,” one person said.

“Wow, I think school kids could have designed that better. Crazy,” another wrote.

“Better than no footpath though,” a person commented on the post.

District council asset manager transportation Andrew Mazey said the positioning along the development of Falcon’s Landing and Branthwaite is temporary and it “is in an effort to speed up the removal of the speed restrictions along the road.”

“The staging and construction of the frontage upgrades is providing some challenges involving two developers and private property that is not currently being developed,” he said.

Mr Mazey said new LED street lighting poles will be installed and power cables will run underground.

He said the new foot and cycle pathway will be positioned to avoid the new light poles and other upgrades which will be installed.

“In terms of the time frame to remove the existing power poles, as the developers are waiting on the lines company to programme the work,” Mr Mazey said.

In the meantime, he said the district council has asked the developers to improve the marking of the power poles to make sure they are very visible to pathway users.