New slipway delayed due to ‘curing time’

HEAVY: Two of these concrete panels will be winched into place this month to make up the new Moncks Bay slipway.

The replacement for a failed $16,000 experimental slipway in Moncks Bay has been delayed – due to the extensive “curing time” required.

A new slipway is needed because one made of fibreglass panels installed by the city council last December – intended to save money – turned out to be too short, creating an awkward lip where the panels were connected to the concrete.

Fibreglass would have been cheaper to renew than concrete.

Now the opening of the sailing season is approaching in late September, the Christchurch Yacht Club is hoping the new slipway will be in place ready for their opening day.

It was originally planned for the slipway to be installed in June, but had taken longer for the concrete to “cure” than anticipated, Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board member Darrell Latham said.

Current planning is for the large pre-cast concrete panels to be lifted into place on September 11/12.

Dr Latham said the delay had been “fortuitous” in some respects because the project planners had used the time to revisit and enlarge the design slightly.

The new slipway will be 8m wide and 4.7m long and installed so that there is no sudden steepness or drop off.

The bottom has a ‘’bull nose’’ feature which will elevate it about 50cm above the sea