‘Money down the drain’ on resealing project

A stretch of Sawyers Arms Rd has been pulled up and resealed twice in the past few months - and the work still isn't up to scratch.

Papanui residents are unhappy about a stretch of Sawyers Arms Rd that has had two “shoddy” resealing jobs.

Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board deputy chairman Aaron Campbell said the section between Highsted and Gardiners Rds was repaired and upgraded in November but was resurfaced again in June after the surface started breaking up.

Now the city council will have to look at repairing the road again. “Within seven months, they ripped up and resealed the same stretch of road,” Mr Campbell said.

“It was $10,000 for the green paint for the bus lane which was resurfaced over – that’s money down the drain . . . you’re effectively throwing out $30,000 of materials and time and management costs at the minimum.”

He received an email from the city council after he inquired about the state of the road. It responded saying some failures had been identified.

“The contractors just didn’t do the job up to scratch,” Mr Campbell said.

Sawyers Arms Rd resident Barbara Purvis said she was “‘shocked” at the amount of money wasted.

“We’re not complaining and saying it’s got to be perfect. What I’m complaining about is the waste of money and the shoddiness of the job.”

She said this was not the first time the city council has had a problem like this.

“Ten years ago, we had the same sort of issue with council not listening to residents and putting a pedestrian island in the wrong place. We’ve spent more money by putting something in, getting it wrong, pulling it out, and putting it in again.”

City council road maintenance manager Mark Pinner said the work was carried out by a sub-contractor of City Care.

City Care has temporarily repaired the road until a more permanent solution can be found.

“Council, as part of its own quality checks, identified and in turn notified our contractor that the surface was breaking up in isolated areas,” Mr Pinner said.

But until the cause of the issues are determined, he said it was not possible to say who would be responsible for the cost of the permanent repairs.