Megan’s chemo done and dusted, recovery begins

GOOD SPIRITS:18-year-old Megan Hore, Colour Bear, Oscar and Rapunzel after she finished her sixth and final round of chemotherapy to treat her bone cancer on Monday.

The Star has been following the Hore family’s bid to get their daughter Megan to Disneyland Paris. Julia Evans reports on her last chemotherapy session

Friday was a big day for Megan Hore.

The plucky 18-year-old will finally be home after finishing her sixth and final round of chemotherapy at Christchurch Hospital, on Monday, to treat the bone cancer which she has been battling for the last year.

“She’s finished her chemotherapy and is on hyper hydration for the rest of the week to flush it out, they’re saying we’ll be out of here on Friday,” Megan’s mother Marilyn said.

When visited by The Star on Tuesday, Megan said physically she felt fine.

“But mentally, I feel bleh.”

Megan is the daughter of well-known blind organist Richard Hore who busks at Countdown in the Bush Inn Centre to raise money to send her Disneyland Paris.

The teenager has spent the majority of a year in the children’s haematology oncology centre at the hospital.

“She’s holding up okay, but reality has really hit home. We’re finished treatment, now we’re into the recovery phase,” Mrs Hore said.

Disney-fanatic Megan has made a bucket list to go to every Disneyland theme park on the planet.

They were set to go to Disneyland Paris before Megan received her cancer diagnosis and they had to cancel their flights.

Air New Zealand held the money and within 23 days the family is using it to go to Hong Kong Disneyland. Megan was only granted special leave from doctors to be out of the country for four days.

Also on her bucket list is going to Oamaru to see penguins, Hanmer Springs to visit The Lolly Pot store to stock up on candy, having a functioning body and enrolling at Canterbury University to study English.

“I missed out on university entrance by one credit,” Megan said. “I want to email them and say can you just let me in, I’ve had cancer.”

When back from Asia, Megan will be back in hospital for testing to see if the
treatment has done the trick.

Megan will have to undergo scans and tests every three months to check for cancer for the next five years. If cells are found, her diagnosis will become terminal.

The family are remaining positive.

“We’re not ready to be a three-cog unit, we’re better with four cogs,” Mrs Hore said.

Mrs Hore said at this stage doctors had indicated it would be a “good result.”

The Star’s article on the cancer battle shared widely on social media, and a Givealittle page set up to help the family raise money, has been boosted to more than $10,000.

Disney on Ice hosted the Hore family at a show at Horncastle Arena, as well as meeting Mickey Mouse.

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