Mairehau residents’ concern over noisy buses

MP for Christchurch Central Duncan Webb meets with Mairehau residents to hear their concerns about bus route changes in the area.

Mairehau residents are upset about a new bus route that they say will disrupt their “peaceful” streets.

The proposed change would see the No 44 Shirley bus travel to and from Innes Rd via Philpotts Rd, Glenfield Cres, Roslyn Ave, Croziers Rd, Ranger St and Nancy Ave.

The planned change is set to coincide with the opening of the Northern Corridor, which would no longer allow right turns by the Orbiter bus in or out of the QE II Drive end of Philpotts Rd.

Resch Fowler, who lives on Nancy Ave, said the change would disrupt residents.

“It’s very quiet, lots of small children running around, there’s after-school traffic and kids that are walking home. So we don’t want the increased traffic, we don’t want noisy buses along here, we don’t want the pollution,” she said.

“We are quite concerned because buses don’t stop in a hurry, so if a kid darts off across the road, they’re not used to having a large vehicle around here.”

The proposed re-route comes after a group of 80 retirees presented a petition to Environment Canterbury, pleading with it to reconsider route changes to the Orbiter which would see the nearest bus stop be moved almost 1km away from the village.

“We do understand that the retirement home needs access to the service but we feel like there’s alternatives,” Ms Fowler said.

She and several other residents met with Christchurch Central MP Duncan Webb on Friday to voice their concerns.

She said they would put forward proposals to ECan and the city council to see if the Orbiter’s current route could be retained, or if a bus turn-around point could be established on Philpotts Rd. ECan senior manager public transport Stewart Gibbon said ECan was gathering public feedback.

“We have had a good level of engagement and feedback from the community on the 44 proposal. The consultation period has been extended until 24 August, and we will be holding two drop in sessions before then so that residents can come along to ask any questions they may have before they make their submission.”

ECan plans to implement the changes later this year.




  1. bus has to go down someones street, elderly residents over 70 cant be expected to walk long distances, as most no longer have access to cars