Letters: Should the fireworks leave New Brighton?

BRIGHT LIGHTS: New Brighton's fireworks display may face changes including being moved to the middle of the year to celebrate Matariki. PHOTO: Anastasiya Korzh.

Readers respond to the Pegasus Post article on keeping the annual New Brighton Fireworks event at the pier

Gary Knight – KidsFest since 1992 has been encompassing events in Christchurch, Banks Peninsula, Waimakiriri and Selwyn. Sparks In The Park since 1983. Ongoing New Year Eve celebrations and fireworks on the pier since 1997 bears testimony to the longevity of these iconic Christchurch events. It is ludicrous therefore that at this stage internal city council bureaucracy deems these events to be reviewed under the umbrella of the community events’ implementation plan. There exists also a lack of rationale in the survey process to bolster this review. A random survey of 500 citywide residents on city council run events since 2016 to determine any traffic management issues will cause many to query council mandates. As an iconic and revered event, it would be demeaning and counterproductive for New Brighton to lose the fireworks on the pier. It is a spectacular event enjoyed by many who will continue to utilise entry and exit points in spite of the roadworks, thus dispelling any parochial views relating to traffic and safety aspects of this fireworks extravaganza.

Hamish Ballantyne – I fully support the firework display, especially for the children. If properly carried out, and controlling fireworks to the beach, fire hazard should not be a problem. Animals are a problem, and maybe the noise situation could be reduced with more emphasis on the spectacular effects. When the Anzac parade is carried out, Marine Pde from Longsdale Rd to Hood St is closed but senior citizens and special needs people are allowed access and have therefore parking near the show. Emergency lanes for emergency services could also be instigated, as parking has always been a problem.

Brian Smith – I believe the fireworks display should stay at New Brighton. The travelling public know what to expect in terms of getting too and from the venue. If they are not happy with it they won’t go. Not everyone needs instant hassle-free entertainment. They don’t pay anything for it so half an hour or an hour sitting in a car getting in and out is not a great hardship. Or take a bus. I don’t live in New Brighton and I have only been once. I do think it is a great place for it.

Kenneth France – Agree fireworks should stay in New Brighton. In regard to health and crowd safety, now would be a good time for the city council to form a strategic getaway plan, which could then be put into use in event of a tsunami, as during the last siren warning was almost impossible to leave North Beach due to the amount of traffic attempting to exit Marine Pde.

Aileen Trist – This wonderful event should stay on the pier as it is an amazing spectacular spot. People over the other side of town can go up onto the Port Hills if they don’t want to travel to the beach and other community members can enjoy the display any place along the beach front. It is also a very safe spot keeping a safe distance away from the public and allows for not only a high spot for the display but the ability to have displays coming down off the pier.

Fila McCracken – If the city council wants to take public events away, are they going to replace them with anything or is this a money-saving tactic so they can spend up large elsewhere?

Karen Hibberd – Ban all fireworks.

Taina Kahutia Tawhitopou Connell – Ban it.

A reader responds to the  Pegasus Post article on ongoing drainage issues in Southshore

Aileen Trist – It is time the city council fixed this issue properly instead of using a “Band-Aid” fix. There has always been a flooding problem down there starting before the earthquakes. Yet, when the drains were fixed after the earthquakes they just replaced “like-for-like.” Residents have been complaining for a long time that the system was not doing its intended job yet it has always fallen on “deaf ears.”