‘Just get on with it’: Community board chair fed up with delays

Edgeware Village.

“Just get on with it.”

This is Papanui-Innes Community Board chairwoman Ali Jones’ view on the proposed Edgeware Village beautification plans.

Ms Jones said at last week’s community board meeting that she wants the public consultation process on the Edgeware Village Master Plan to be bypassed.

“Let’s just get on with what we can do without having days, weeks, months of ticking off boxes.”

She said locals had been ‘over-consulted’ on the matter, and it was time to set the upgrades in motion.

“What we are hearing from this community is ‘just get on with it’,” she said.

“I think there are some things here that if our community woke up one morning and saw [the changes], they would be stoked. We might not please all of the people but I think there are some things that we can just get on with.”

There has been $158,000 allocated in the Long term Plan for the Edgeware Village upgrades, but not all of this can be used on beautification.

Project manager Kelly Griffiths presented several ideas for the beautification of the area to the board.

The ideas included fairy lights to be wrapped around trees, bunting, a mural, planter boxes, bike stands, and the replacement of worn out signage, seats and rubbish bins.

The mural was of particular interest to members of the board, but the $11,000 price tag pitched by Ms Griffiths was “unrealistic”, said Ms Jones.

“We’ve got a lot of talented kids in the area. This mural shouldn’t be costing us anything . . . we’ve got design students in Papanui and let’s get the little kids from St Albans or wherever to paint it.”

“I want the community to have a sense of ownership – $11,000 for some flash mural is not realistic.”

More information was requested by the community board to confirm which elements could be implemented, and exactly how much of the allocated funding could be used for beautification.

This information is set to be presented to the community board at an upcoming meeting.