Horses trapped when float window blew in

The front window of a horse float travelling towards Teddington blew in on Saturday morning, causing traffic to back up while firefighters worked to free the distressed animals inside.

When the window broke the two horses were startled and began thrashing about, prompting the driver to pull over. One horse became trapped when its legs got tangled in the centre bar, lying half across it in a distressed state.

Diamond Harbour Volunteer Fire Brigade chief fire officer Bob Palmer said they were called at 10.46am and managed to free the horses without having to cut the bar.

The horses were then walked to nearby Orton Bradley Park, calmed down and checked for injury.

Neither was hurt in the incident, Mr Palmer said, but there was “significant” traffic build-up.

“The float was on the side of
the road pulled over as far as it could but there was a traffic issue with people working around it and trying to keep the horses calm.”