Drone hovers outside window


Clifton Hill resident Catherine Sayer got the fright of her life last week when she caught sight of a drone hovering directly outside her second-storey window.

“It was terrible,” she said.

“It was 7am and still dark outside. And it was definitely looking through the window into our living area, I could see the lights on it. I was not happy.”

The drone flew off when she went to take a photo.

It comes after another drone incident in June, where a Scarborough Hill resident found a drone hovering outside their window.

Mrs Sayer said she had since told police about the incident.

“My first instinct was, this is terrible, it’s seven in the morning and people are getting up and getting dressed and some dodgy person is doing this. And my neighbour said she saw (the drone) as well and then saw two people wearing hoodies running down a nearby track.”

It’s not the first incidence of drones being spotted outside homes in the Sumner area.

In June, Scarborough resident Lucy Broadhurst was sitting in the bay window of her house about 10pm when she spotted a red light hovering about 20m away.

Initially she thought it was the tail light of a car but recognised the object as a drone when it started hovering up and down.

Lyttelton Police supervisor Sergeant Franco Lovrich said if drones were repeatedly flying over houses or appeared to be looking into windows it should be reported.

“We are always looking
for information that could be used to identify people who might be operating a drone illegally.”

Sergeant Lovrich said illegal drone use was a problem nationally and he didn’t think it was isolated to Sumner.

It is illegal to use a drone outside daylight hours without special permission, or to film a person or their private property without their permission.

•Detailed rules around flying drones can be found at www.caa.govt.nz/unmanned-aircraft/drones/


  1. Please research your facts. It is *NOT* illegal to use a drone outside of daylight hours — providing you are conducting a “shielded operation” and if a drone was hovering lower than the height of a house, that would be a shielded operation.

    However, you would still need the permission of the owner of the property over which you were flying.

    One day the media will actually deal in *facts* — but I’m not holding my breath 🙁