Drink driving student in Lincoln

From Lincoln to Linwood with a brain sozzled with booze.

And now an 18-year-old university student will face the courts after crashing her car into a power pole in the early hours of Friday morning.

The teenager recorded a breath alcohol reading of 898 mcg/L after she crashed and struck the pole at the intersection of Ellesmere Junction Rd and Shands Rd at 12.15am.

She had been drinking in Lincoln and was returning to her home in Linwood, said Senior Constable Andy Williamson.

Miraculously she was not injured.

The legal limit is 250 mcg/l for someone 20-years-old and over. Because of her age, she was not legally allowed to drink and drive.

“Lucky she, or an innocent member of the public, was not killed,” Senior Constable Williamson said.

She will appear in the Christchurch District Court on charges of careless use of a motor vehicle and driving with excess breath alcohol concentration in the next couple of weeks.