Door-stepping reports double

STOLEN: Police have recovered four stolen items from teens involved in "door stepping".

Hornby police are receiving double the number of reports of door-stepping burglaries since the issue was revealed in Western News.

Door-stepping, the act of stealing items from outside houses, has been reported recently in Broomfield, Hei Hei, Hornby and Wigram.

Senior Constable Bruce Ward said “double the amount of door-stepping reports” had come in as more people became aware of the issue. He said reports were now coming in from as far as Rolleston.

“That won’t be [the Hornby suspects], they wouldn’t go
out there. Obviously the
article has raised people’s awareness,” Senior Constable Ward said.

A pair of Nike running shoes were reported stolen in Rolleston last week, with items also reported missing from a neighbouring property.

A 14-year-old was apprehended in relation to the Hornby burglaries and is set to attend a youth justice family conference.

Senior Constable Ward said police have spoken to three of eight further suspects who all denied involvement. “But [the suspects] know that we’re on to them, so here’s hoping that that will slow it down,” he said.

Senior Constable Ward said he believed door-stepping was a “bit of a faze” that could eventually slow down in the same manner as tagging.

He said he suspected the door-stepping cases could be related to “cannabis being reasonably rife at the moment.”

He encouraged people to report any items that went missing outside their homes instead of blaming themselves or ignoring it.

“Just be mindful, if things are lying around outside your door, they’re liable to walk. But we want to know.”

•If valuables have been stolen from outside your property, get in touch with Senior Constable Ward at the Hornby Police Station on 363 7435.