Door step burglaries breakthrough

BREAKTHROUGH: The owner of the blue and yellow Nike running shoes that were recovered by police has come forward.

Police have made a breakthrough in their hunt for a group of teenagers who are suspected of burglaries.

A 14-year-old has been apprehended in relation to one of the burglaries in Hornby.

Police say eight others aged between 13 and 15 are suspected of what is known as “door-stepping.”

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Door-stepping is the act of stealing items left outside homes.

Senior Constable Bruce Ward said police were able to match a recovered pair of running shoes with the 14-year-old after an article in the Western News. The owner of the shoes came forward after recognising it from the news article and it meant police could confirm they were stolen, he said.

The earlier article in Western News also prompted more calls about door step burglaries in Hornby and Wigram, the latest being 10 days ago.

“We had three other people who phoned in to report that they have lost items but haven’t done anything about it,” Senior Constable Ward said.

Police believe the latest calls meant the teenagers are still active.

Police are yet to decide if the boy will be charged or not and the outcome depended on a Youth Justice family group conference in four weeks time.

“The victim and the family will be at the conference and we will see if we can come up with a plan to prevent this boy from re-offending,” Senior Constable Ward said.

Oranga Tamariki Ministry for Children states that a Youth Justice family group conference is designed to get young offenders to take responsibility for their actions and make amends for what they have done.

It can be done through community service or a finding a part-time job to pay for damages.

Police are still seeking the owners of a $300 pair of Nike Air Jordan shoes, an Avanti bicycle and Razor scooter, which were stolen in the door-stepping thefts.

The remaining eight are still at large and the police will only be able to apprehend them when more stolen items are reported and owners come forward, Senior Constable Ward said.

“The concern is the other ones will carry on doing it,” he said.

•If the recovered items belong to you or if valuables were stolen from outside your property, phone Senior Constable Bruce Ward at the Hornby Police Station on 363 7435.