City councillors will fight to keep fireworks event in Brighton

Coastal and Burwood wards councillors David East and Glenn Livingstone have pledged to fight against the annual New Brighton fireworks event being taken away from the pier.

They say they will work hard to retain the New Brighton Guy Fawkes in the area.

It comes after the event has come under scrutiny from the city council as part of a city­wide review of all council-­run events.

It confirmed last week the event would go ahead in November, and if there were to be any changes, they would not be implemented this year.

Cr East said he would be debating strongly and working hard to persuade other city councillors of the merit and worth of retaining a display on the coast.

He said the items he would be stressing is the event makes for great viewing, all fireworks land in the sea, making it easy to clean up and no one is at risk of being hit, he said.

“This has been an integral part of the event programme of the east,” he said.

Cr Livingstone said the fireworks should stay.

“The question has been raised before over safety concerns but my view is wherever you hold the fireworks there is going to be safety concerns that need to be addressed anyway.”

He said he suspects council would be faced with a unanimous resolution from the Coastal­Burwood Community Board to keep the event where it is.

City council community support, governance and partnerships John Filsell said last week for a number of years it has received feedback on traffic management congestion.

But Cr East said while there is difficulties for traffic exiting the event, the east has been compounded by ongoing roadworks.

While there has been strong opposition to the event moving away, there have been mixed views over whether it should be celebrated at Guy Fawkes.

Cr East suggested the event was held on Canterbury Anniversary Day or Waitangi Day.

“Guy Fawkes has little significance to New Zealand and I would actually like to see a fireworks display continue on the coast and perhaps rebranded,” he said.

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