Cat burglar strikes, likes soft toys

SNEAKY CAT: Rolleston's Duncan with one of his many steals.

Much like Lynley Dodd’s Slinky Malinki, cat Duncan, from Rolleston, has been helping himself to his neighbours’ soft toys.

Owner Diane Guthrie says Duncan’s habits are “a bit embarrassing” but she’s pleased their neighbours are good about it.

“He likes to collect things. He’s not a really cuddly cat, he kind of does his own thing but he’s very social,” she said.

Mrs Guthrie says Duncan, aged 18-months, particularly likes to steal dog toys from Charlie, the golden retriever which lives across the road.

“He takes all his toys . . . he just brings them home and leaves them,” she said.

Duncan also likes adventuring to a nearby outdoor gym, where Mrs Guthrie says he has brought home hats, a sock and a child’s headband.

After posting numerous pictures of Duncan’s stolen goods on the Rolleston Community Page on Facebook, Mrs Guthrie decided to create a separate page for his mischievous acts.

A few weeks and 600 or so likes later, Duncan’s adventures are proving popular on Facebook.

But stealing isn’t the only thing Duncan gets up to, Mrs Guthrie says he also likes to make himself at home in neighbouring houses.

“He upset one neighbour because in the summer he would leave his window open and he woke up one morning, well in the early hours, and our cat was sleeping at the end of his bed,” she said.

Mrs Guthrie says Duncan isn’t bothered if there are other animals residing in the neighbouring houses when he visits and at times, he even tucks into their food bowls.

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