Car park bid from school gets support

Sheffield Primary School principal Nick Pratt

The Sheffield-Waddington Community Committee has thrown its support behind Sheffield Primary School’s bid for a new car park.

It sent a letter to the district council recently highlighting the ongoing problems with the school’s car park not fitting the needs of its 104 pupils.

“The committee hope that you are able to assess and transform this area into a workable and safe car park for parents, staff, bus drivers, visitors and the wider Sheffield Community,” it read.

School principal Nick Pratt said its current car park can fit 14 vehicles at a push and it’s not sufficient for its growing population.

Mr Pratt said it has been working with parents, police,
bus operators and truck firms as well as training pupils and issuing them with high visibility vests for coming to and from school.

“We have mitigated everything to the best of our ability . . . however, the fundamental issue is there is not enough space for our children’s parents to pick up and drop off their children in a safe manner,” he said.

Mr Pratt said its proposal is for the district council to scoop away the top soil which is opposite the school on Tramway Rd and shingle it so it can be a car park.

He said it would then set up a monitored crossing which is a safe distance from the main car park entrance.

District council asset engineer transportation Mark Chamberlain said it is working to fix “a number of issues with the existing car park within the road reserve and it is programmed for a reseal this year.”

However, he said there are no plans for the district council to do work on the grassed area on Tramway Rd.

“If Sheffield Primary School wishes to extend the car park, then this will need to be funded through the school or MoE, or request the council fund this work as part of the Annual Plan process, as per policy,” Mr Chamberlain said.

Mr Pratt said it was not willing to spend money directed for learning on car parking but it would go through every process possible.