Bid to extend alcohol ban restrictions to parks

A community board member is trying to get drinking in suburban parks banned.

Alcohol restrictions could be put in place in Elmwood Park, Roto Kohatu Reserve and McLeans Island if a community board member gets his way.

Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board deputy chairman Aaron Campbell wants more areas to be considered in the upcoming 10-year review of the Alcohol Restrictions in Public Places Bylaw.

Mr Campbell recently spent a night with Crime Watch Papanui and found that part of its work involved cleaning up litter in places where it appeared people had been drinking, such as Elmwood Park in Merivale.

“It’s not their job to pick up the litter but they do it,” he said.

“It wouldn’t affect the on-licences. The bowling and tennis clubs have on-licenses for their clubrooms and that wouldn’t affect that at all.”

“It just gives the police additional powers if need be,” he said.

Mr Campbell wants popular lake spot Roto Kohatu Reserve included in the alcohol ban area, as well as McLeans Island.

“It’s one 10th of the one per cent of idiots who get drunk and drive fast down that gravel road
. . . it’s also a swimming area and a water sports and recreation area. How well does alcohol mix with swimming?”

Mr Campbell said the type of ban would depend on talks between city council staff and the groups that use the areas.

The community board will make a submission early next month on the bylaw, in which it will put forward its recommendation. Mr Campbell said he may also make an individual submission, asking city council to consider a night ban in the Summit Rd area too.