Arts Centre to display remastered Rembrandts

DISSECTION: One of Rembrandt's most famous works, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp has been replicated to its original condition.

The work of one of the world’s most celebrated baroque-style painters is coming to the city.

But it’s not quite the genuine 17th-century work of Rembrandt.

The Rembrandt Remastered exhibit will showcase 57 life-size reproductions of
the Dutch painter’s work, which have been digitally remastered to their original condition.

The exhibition will be held from September 5 to October 3 in the Arts Centre’s Great Hall and will be open seven days a week.

Using the latest techniques and art expert Professor Ernst van de Wetering’s extensive knowledge of the Dutch master, the exhibition’s works have been digitally restored to look exactly as they did when they left Rembrandt’s studio about 400 years ago.

Curated by Australasia’s foremost Rembrandt specialist, Dr Erin Griffey, the head of art history at Auckland University, the works – which include The Nightwatch, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp and The Jewish Bride – will be presented in their original size and displayed in chronological order. Each will feature accompanying text telling the story of the works, as well as stories from the painter’s life.

“The contemporary technology behind this exhibition allows us wonderful insight into the life and work of the great 17th-century Dutch master,” said Arts Centre chief executive Philip Aldridge.

“The works alone are remarkable – we are able to see them as fresh as the day Rembrandt made his final strokes. Viewing them in the beautifully restored Great Hall makes it extra special.”

Rembrandt’s original works are scattered around the globe including several in private collections – some are damaged, some are lost and some have been modified.