Watch: Experts back the push for East Lake’s inclusion into Red Zone.

The East Lake Trust isn't taking rejection lying down. Regenerate Christchurch excluded East Lake from its shortlist of options from the Red Zone after receiving advice from experts. The Trust has bought in its own experts to argue their case. The total cost for the Red Zone projects is about $900 million.


  1. For those wanting more information go to and on the resources page is all the documentation . Let’s at least aim to get this as an option for the next generation. Being in the plan from Regenerate doesn’t mean it has to happen but it leaves an incredible option available for years to come . Our children at least deserve that .

  2. Has the East Lake Trust done a poll on how many Eastsiders actually want this in their backyard? Or is this a project from one segment of Christchurch being pushed on another? Put the toys back in the cot and accept it ain’t being funded by Christchurch rate/tax payers.

  3. Richard, back at ya….so 11,000 people have signed a petition wanting it, even the regenerates own process had 65% of people picking a lake in the east as their preferred option. The next popular water faculty had 3.1% support. So yep….we are pretty confident that the east lake is the people’s choice. Having worked on this for 4 years I am very very confident this is the most popular option, that is achievable that actually has a return for the city, reduced operational costs and brings money to the area.