Watch: Do you find this shop’s name offensive? Well, many do.

Video: Ashleigh Monk

People have got their proverbials in a twist over the name of a new lingerie store.

SugarTits is set to open in New Brighton Mall next month.

But when its opening was posted on the People’s Independent Republic of New Brighton Facebook page, it faced backlash.

After a swathe of negative comments, the post was removed.

New Brighton Business Association manager Paul Lonsdale had heard about the controversy.

“I think is just to do with the brand’s name, which has conjured up some incorrect envisaging,” he said.

But, in terms of branding, Mr Lonsdale said it wasn’t a silly move.

“It’s a strong brand that has created a stir, it’s got people thinking and talking, so a lot of people will come and have a look . . . to be seen and be noticed is quite difficult and they’ve certainly done that.”

It’s not the first time a New Brighton business has hit the headlines over signage.

Last year the Pierside Cafe and Bar had a blackboard outside read: “Vegan buffet. Just kidding now get away from our sign – you pansy.”

It was labelled offensive to vegans, as well as the homosexual community. Pierside publicly apologised and removed the slogan.