Television presenter Miriama Kamo pays homage to her Birdlings Flat home

INSPIRED BY HOME: Miriama Kamo shares her new book The Stolen Stars of Matariki with an appreciative audience at Birdlings Flat community centre.

Television presenter Miriama Kamo launched her children’s book The Stolen Stars of Matariki at the Birdling’s Flat/Te Mata Hapuku Community Hall.

Ms Kamo told the audience how impossible it felt to write the book until she decided to situate the story in her childhood home of Birdling’s Flat and involve her whānau.

The Stolen Stars of Matariki involves two children, named after Kamo’s own kids Sam and Te Rerehua, who go eeling while staying with Grandma and Pōua at Birdling’s Flat.

It is published in both Maori and English with the English version featuring Te Reo throughout.