Teen’s trip to help build a school in Uganda

ASSISTING: West Melton's Lauryn Sinclair will head over to Uganda in January with Purpose Projects to help a community.

West Melton’s Lauryn Sinclair is raising funds to help finish building a school in Uganda.

The 18-year-old volunteers for Purpose Projects – a non-governmental organisation which goes to developing countries to help with specific, achievable projects.

Miss Sinclair, who is in her first year of studying law at Canterbury University, says the organisation focuses on transparency.

Lauryn Sinclair

“All the money we raise actually goes into the community in like a sustainable way,” she said.

Miss Sinclair will travel to Kkoba, Uganda, in January for a month where she will be involved with the school build, as well as other community projects.

Once completed, about 1000 children will attend the school.

“It’s already partially built because we’ve had volunteers from different organisations in the past go and they’ve done little bits of work over a long period of time,” Miss Sinclair said.

But before she can go, Miss Sinclair needs to raise $2500 for the different community projects. It’s not her first time volunteering overseas – she was in World Challenge while she was at high school.

“It’s an organisation which takes schools on trips to parts of the developing world so I went to India for a month . . . the volunteer part was definitely the highlight of the trip,” Miss Sinclair said.

Although it’s “not always easy,” she’s really looking forward to travelling to
Uganda and helping out a community.

“It’s challenging because we will be working a lot everyday but I’m really excited,” Miss Sinclair said.

•To donate towards the community projects, visit https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/from-nz-to-uganda