Teen’s bold idea for Christchurch’s multi-use arena

A bold new initiative for the proposed multi-use arena has come from a year 9 student at St Andrew’s College.

As part of a social studies government unit, Lachlan Johns wrote to city councillor Aaron Keown about his idea of making the new stadium completely digital.

He presented this proposal to city councillors recently, receiving praise from Deputy Mayor Andrew Turner, who said the presentation was “an example of why we should be absolutely listening to young people.”

In his proposal, Lachlan said he wanted to change the way people view live sports and bring the comforts of home to the stadium.

“People often say that the best seat in the house is your couch, because you can see every part of the game at once,” he said during his presentation.

He proposed having a bluetooth phone service connected to each seat, which would allow audiences to replay scenes they had just watched live on their phones, look up statistics, switch camera views and provide audio from referees, captains and commentators.

In spite of not making a difference to the final outcome, Lachlan said audiences could get the opportunity to place a ‘public vote’ on television match official decisions.

After the presentation, Mr Turner said he would refer Lachlan’s idea and letter to the stadium project team.