Supermarket pork recalled due to metal

CONTAMINATED: New World brand pork shoulder roast recalled due to potentially containing metal.

New World Halswell is recalling batches of its pork hock and pork shoulder roast due to metal contamination.

There have been no reports of injury, but the Ministry for Primary Industries urged customers who consumed the pork and have health concerns to seek medical advice.

The ministry said the batches have a best before date of June 29 and 30 and were only sold at the Halswell store.

The products were sold in clear plastic trays with clear plastic wrapping. Individual packaging sizes varied as it depended on the size of the meat.

Ministry spokeswoman Helene Ambler said they were currently investigating the matter and could not provide any information on how the contamination may have occurred. She referred queries to Foodstuffs South Island.

Foodstuffs South Island did not respond for comment.

Customers were told by the ministry to return the product for a full refund. The product was not exported.