Subway opens as part of Northern Corridor

OPEN NOW: The Winters Rd subway was opened last week, signalling the completion of the first major structure of the Christchurch Northern Corridor. Pupils from Papanui Primary School were some of the first to bike through.

The first major structure of the Christchurch Northern Corridor is now open.

The Winters Rd subway opened last week for pedestrians and cyclists which will go underneath the CNC.

It will also divert traffic from the QEII Drive shared path as the path between Grimseys and Winters Rd is now permanently closed for upgrade.

Work on the subway started in February last year and 662 piles were driven into the ground to create a solid foundation for it.

During the CNC project, 11 bridges and 13 culverts and two subways will be built.

Two other subways will be upgraded also.

The final design for the shared path will go along QEII Drive and the new highway interchange to cross Winters Rd.

From there, the path uses the new subway to continue eastbound onto QEII Drive and southbound to Cranford St.

A small community celebration was held with residents from Redwood and Mairehau at the subway and the first users were treated to a hot beverage and subway cookies.