Still waiting a decade later after repairs promised by city council

HAD ENOUGH: Bradshaw St residents Tony Dale, left with Claire Mouat and Anne Dale are upset over flooding issues in their street. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER

Residents of a flood-prone Riccarton street are fed up at repeated delays to have repairs finished.

Bradshaw Tce residents have to wait until 2021 to have repair work finished on their street, 10 years after the city council first told them it would be done.

The city council announced rebuild plans for the street in 2010 and said work would be completed in a year. The first delays in 2011 were blamed on the earthquake.

The second delay came in 2015. The city council started some repairs in 2016 but left the works unfinished. The latest delay resulted from last week’s Long Term Plan adoption.

When asked about the repeated delays, the city council did not provide a response.

The works in 2016 included water mains repairs, resident Tony Dale said. Temporary re-sealing was done six months ago, but the flooding issues have persisted. He blamed the current surface flooding issues on the repairs being left unfinished.

The most recent flooding was on June 20, when the city council had to pump out water.

Mr Dale said he was disappointed the city council did not “front up” this time.

“The trouble is, they have fronted up several times in the past . . . then nothing has happened. What’s the big secret?”

Mr Dale said he understood other areas in the city needed prioritising following the earthquakes, but all he would like is to see the promised work completed.

“At the moment the street is the way it was built 80 years ago. The gutters on the streets are breaking down. The new seal is breaking up again.”

Resident Clare Mouat says the streets in the area have had long-term surface flooding issues due to water run-off from Riccarton Bush.

“Bradshaw Tce is aligned with Rata St and we took in water run-off from the bush. Rata St have had their repairs done and all their issues are now good,” Mrs Mouat said.

Riccarton Bush and Kilmarnock Residents Association chairman Tony Simons says he did not understand the city council’s “back to basics” budget, as “basic work” on Bradshaw Tce was deferred.

“I’m a bit mystified when projects like this get put off when we spend millions of dollars on cycleways.”

Riccarton Ward city councillor Vicki Buck said she did “not recall all of the history” behind delays at the street but believed the earthquakes played a role in the repairs being continuously delayed.

“I wasn’t involved at the council at the time [between 2010 and 2013]. But I’ve told staff that I would really like to get the work done this year.”

Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board deputy chairwoman Helen Broughton said repairing the cul-de-sac off Straven Rd has been one of the board’s “top priorities” and is frustrated it has been deferred by the city council.

“It should have gone through earlier, it would have been best if it was done this year,” she said.

Mrs Broughton said the delays were not a sign that the board’s input was not being heard.