Redcliffs petition to be sent to Parliament

Nearly 200 signatures have been collected in a bid to return Redcliffs School to its former Main Rd site.

The electronic petition, organised by Friends of Redcliffs Park, closed on Monday and is planned to be presented to Parliament.

It calls for urgent legislation enabling the school to reopen on its former Main Rd site and to spare Redcliffs Park and Redcliffs School from being demolished.

But the Ministry of Education confirmed demolition at Redcliffs Park began earlier this month and is expected to be completed early next month.

The table tennis hall and toilets are being demolished and the playground is to be dismantled for relocation.

The tender for the Redcliffs School demolition closes next Friday, and work is expected to commence later next month.

Friends of Redcliffs Park spokesman Chris Doudney said the next step will be arranging for a MP to take the petition to Parliament.

“The unfortunate thing of course is the Ministry of Education demolished the community pavilion, which the city council was going to put $100,000 for us to restore for the local community,” he said.

Mr Doudney described it as a “unnecessary” and “scandalous” situation.

The group is also awaiting a response from the Ombudsman after laying a complaint one year ago.

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