Rapper Scribe has sentencing adjourned as new charges come to light

Hip-hop artist Malo Ioane Luafutu, aka Scribe,.

Rapper Scribe’s bid to avoid a conviction over P possession has been delayed after it emerged that he faces new police allegations.

The chart-topping hip-hop artist, whose real name is Malo Ioane Luafutu, was due to be sentenced at Christchurch District Court this afternoon on a charge of methamphetamine possession.

Scribe, 39, was hoping for a discharge without conviction.

But the sentencing was adjourned when Judge Raoul Neave learned that Scribe faces seven new charges.

He appeared at Waitakere District Court on Friday on what his defence counsel Elizabeth Bulger said was “of a domestic nature”. It’s understood there are seven new charges, including four alleged protection order breaches, wilful damage, male assaults female, and assault with intent to injure.

The case has been moved to Christchurch and he will appear in court again on July 27.

Judge Neave adjourned sentencing on the meth charge to September 25.

Other details of today’s court discussions were suppressed.

Scribe had five other charges, including further drug allegations, bail breaches, and possession of an offensive weapon, dismissed after a judge-alone trial at Christchurch District Court in March.

The father-of-four denied swearing, shouting, wielding the baseball bat, or tapping the car with his bat.

The rapper’s star began to rise when he released his debut album The Crusader – a nod to the Canterbury rugby team – in 2003.

Scribe is a cousin of musicians Ladi6, real name Karolyn Tamati, and Tyra Hammond from the band Opensouls.

-NZ Herald