Plans for indoor sports venue stalled

ON HOLD: Plans for an indoor sports venue on Northcote Rd may have stalled after no funding was granted for it in the Long Term Plan.

An ambitious project to build an indoor sports venue in Northcote may have stalled.

No funding was granted for the project in the Long Term Plan, and it is not clear whether the city council will support it.

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Developers Kris Inglis and Mike Percasky spoke during the LTP submissions about their proposal for an indoor sports venue on Northcote Rd, which could accommodate up to 20 indoor courts.

They asked if the city council would consider purchasing the facility for $20 million or renting it. A city council spokeswoman said last week staff were still getting in touch with people who made submissions to the LTP.

Mr Inglis said one option is for the city council to lease the venue once it has been built.

“We haven’t got any funding for it at this stage but we are still talking to the sporting groups about how that will all work . . . it’s still on the cards but we are just working through a few options at the moment.” “It could take another few months before it’s really settled. We’re just working through the various options.”

However, Mr Inglis said they were not disappointed. “We understand there is a lot of pressure on council budgets at the moment. We are more approaching the individual sports groups, but it would be fantastic if the council wanted to somehow be involved but we understand that there’s a lot of pressure on the LTP.”

Canterbury Netball and Mainland Football have shown interest in the venue.

The developers also suggested the city council could save money on the metro sports facility by scaling back the number of indoor courts and invest into the Northcote venue. The indoor courts could be used for netball, futsal, basketball, tennis, badminton and volleyball

The planned venue could also feature a cafe, child care centre, 450 car parks and other entertainment options such as 10-pin bowling and laser strike.