OPINION: Northern Corridor traffic issues need to be sorted

OPINION: Richmond resident Don Gould talks about the changes to Cranford St and surrounding areas following the completion of the Christchurch Northern Corridor

Cranford St residents are angry about the levels of traffic that the new Northern Arterial motorway will drop into their street, preventing them from getting out of their homes and into the traffic.

Don Gould

In Christchurch driving attitude is all to often “Oh, you want to get in, I’ll speed up and you can join behind me” but the guy behind us thinks “Oh, a gap, I’ll just speed up!.”

When I slow to let folk in they just look confused and the traffic behind me gets angry.

In other parts of the country and the world the attitude is “Oh, someone wants to come in, I’ll slow and let them in”.

People on Cranford St just can’t get out of their homes and it’s causing them stress.

The bite back will come as local communities lobby city council to impose 30km/h zones across the whole city on main roads to make it easier to get into traffic, and it’s working in the central city.

Linwood already has a 30km zone on Stanmore Rd. The success has driven Richmond to ask the same question.

Other suburbs are looking too. The new Ferry Rd master plan in Woolston is also looking to impose a 30km/h zone and add a number of ‘road crossing’ opportunities to make their suburban space safer for those on foot.

Are the gains from new highways going to be quickly lost as suburbs work to keep their spaces safe and pleasant to exist in or is the ring of suburbs around the CBD going to vacate to the new outer urban areas leaving a low quality waste land only five minutes from the CBD?