Letters: Waiting 10 years for repairs

HAD ENOUGH: Bradshaw St residents Tony Dale, left with Claire Mouat and Anne Dale are upset over flooding issues in their street. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER

Readers react to delays in street repairs at Bradshaw Tce

Claire Cloxen – What’s new? We have all been waiting for potholes to be repaired. They bung a little bit of tar in ours the next time it rains the potholes are back and bigger. So join the rest of us suckers.

Jill Sanders – Our street, Bishopsworth St is covered in potholes, floods when it rains. Still has the old gutters and lacks street lighting. The council have put in huge concrete cycle lanes around the city, which must be so important for their image. Our street is so bad as are many. Priority of the council, huh?

Graeme Brown – Easy, tell them you want to ride your bike along this road and presto you will have it all relaid with a brand new cycle lane.

Susan Gerrets – Cycleways are the council’s mindset,
where do they get revenue from them?

Peter Cooper – What did you expect from a PC council that would prefer to make the lycra-clad happy . . . you know, those who pay nothing towards roading costs because they ride their bikes.

Readers react to the metal contamination from pork sold at New World Halswell

Gary Knight – As the largest NZ food retailer encompassing New World, Pak’n Save and Four Square, the 100 per cent Kiwi-owned Foodstuffs organisation, stating its social responsibilities for Kiwi kids in need, also a pledge to promote healthier eating campaigns, would suggest them as being a very food focused entity. It was therefore disappointing to note the blasé attitude by Foodstuffs South Island by lack of response to Ministry of Primary Industries relating to this issue of contaminated meat products. Many would also query the effectiveness of quality assurance procedures within the food industry given the total of recalls at 128 since 2015 denoting major anomalies within procedures. Within this context accolades are extended to Ministry of Primary Industries for actioning a full refund and advice for medical intervention relating to the contaminated pork recall from Halswell New World.

Janey Thomas – Recall notice should include what kind of metal. Consumers have the right to know this – some metals are highly toxic to humans.

Yvonne Hart – Maybe if you only sold free range there would not be any problems.