Hunt for phone scammer reaches dead end


A police investigation has failed to prove who was behind a phone scam that claimed gangs would hurt victims’ families if they did not pay up.

Senior Constable Wayne Stapley said the investigation had come to a “screaming halt” and there was little more police could do.

“We’re probably going to have to let it slide and file it.”

Last month, The Star reported police found two bank account numbers given to victims and were awaiting information from the bank.

Two phone numbers had also led police to a suspect who had been interviewed and denied any involvement.

Senior Constable Stapley said yesterday the bank account details had come back and could not be linked to any persons of interest or the phone numbers.

“It’s come to a screaming halt unfortunately,” he said.

“It’s really, really hard to prove.”

Police received 21 complaints from those targeted by the scam, which involved phone calls and texts to victims who were told the caller was from the Mongrel Mob, Highway 61 or Black Power.

One victim was told to pay $1000 or Black Power would burn his house down and harm his family.

Senior Constable Stapley said since police started investigating and after stories in The Star, there had been no further reported cases.

“No threats have been carried through and no money has passed hands.”